A STUDIO is an Architecture and Interior Design studio based on conscious design. Our aim is to generate spaces based on the senses and form, taking into account that geometry surrounds us and that materiality constantly communicates with us. We use these bases to generate harmony, with the aim of achieving a space with a positive influence on the people who occupy it.

Every shape, material and colour in its individuality and conjunction influences people. Thus, A Studio loves to understand the client and their needs, sometimes unconscious, in order to create that space of well-being.

Specialised in residential areas with open fronts in offices and with the desire to enter the hotel industry.

Andrea Arqués is the head of A Studio. She studied architecture at ETSALS, Barcelona. After working for major architectural and interior design firms, she founded her own studio in 2020 where both disciplines go hand in hand:

"The proportion and shape of the box is a direct dialogue, but it is essential to decorate it on the inside to connect with the user in all senses," she says.

Her aim is to bring the professionalism of the big studios to a close relationship with the client and to constantly accompany them in all the design processes. 

“ F R O M  Y O U R  E M O T I O N S  T O  Y O U R  P E R S O N A L  S P A C E ”

In the process of designing a house, it is not only the final appearance that counts, which influences the people who live in it, but also the proportions that create fullness and emptiness.

The intention of the whole creative process of A Studio is to give a vibratory code to the house/space, based on a conscious and refined use of space.

To do this, with time and care Andrea and her team shape made to measure, healthy, warm and light-filled spaces. Quality, a sense of sustainability, and life at a relaxed pace are paramount.

C/Reina Victoria 16, 08021 Barcelona – Local 1
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